Dog Arthritis Treatment - Treating Dog Arthritis Through Regular Dog Massage

Arthritis in dogs is similar to that of what we as people feel.

The joints are stiff and often painful to bend and flex.

And because of the pain caused by arthritis, the dog is likely to refrain from exercise and physical activity beyond what is necessary.

This is where dog arthritis treatment through the benefits of regular dog massage will help the dog to overcome the restrictions of arthritis and pain.

For example, you can learn and apply dog massage regularly to massage the joints and stretch the limbs of your dog gently.

Before you begin the massage, be sure to find a warm area in your home to perform your dog massage. Performing the massage in a warm area will aid in maintaining a limber joint and loosen the tightening ligaments that aren't being used as often.

Regular dog massage also improves blood circulation in the body of the dog, thus reducing the stress on the heart and organs, and improving the overall health of your dog.

For active dogs that just started showing signs of arthritis, regular dog massages are extremely beneficial to them as it is likely to delay the onset of the physical pain and frustration that they will experience.

Regular dog massages also releases endorphines, which acts as a natural painkiller.

With regular dog massage, you may even find your dog walking much better after just a few days - especially for the older dogs which have more advanced arthritis.

Whatever you decide, do remember that if the condition of your dog is severe or there is pain, consult a professional canine massage therapist or your local veterinarian for advice before proceeding with self-administering dog arthritis treatment on your dog.

This Dog Arthritis Treatment article was written by Zoe Gan - Certified Dog Massage Therapist.

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